27 May 2019
The audio for this episode was produced by Podcastier
Gina Maini talks with Dave Rael about broad interests, F#, community, care-taking, shaping experiences, growth, and freedom

By day, Gina Maini is a mild-mannered, Digital Service Expert working at United States Digital Service, a cross-cutting agency inside the White House which helps other federal entities provide better services to citizens, immigrants, veterans, and many others (https://www.usds.gov/). By night, she’s a functional programmer and FSharp Board member. Today, Gina is speaking about her personal background surviving art school, being a self-taught programmer, her engineering days at Jet.com & WalmartLabs, and now her latest adventure— the public sector and care-taking. In her spare time she likes: being a cat lady, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, biking along the Potomac, ukulele, philosophy, fiction and poetry.

Gina's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Lower your general stress level (including using meditation)
  2. Unplug every now and then (and use your body in a physical way)
  3. Realize all the things we take for granted are really silly - don't get too attached to specific tools

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