20 May 2019
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Adam Gordon Bell talks with Dave Rael about learning, podcasting, applying patterns, the good fortune of software developers, and delivering value

Adam Gordon Bell has spent 14+ years in the trenches as a software developer. His recent interests include functional programming and using type systems to build better software. Adam hosts the CoRecusive Podcast (https://corecursive.com/) where he learns from experts in software development and you come along for the ride. Adam is also an advocate of distributed software development teams and, though he lives in Canada, he works daily with teammates in the EU and the US. Say hello on twitter at @adamgordonbell (https://twitter.com/adamgordonbell).

Adam's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Find a place and a role where you can deliver a lot of value
  2. Realize we are lucky
  3. Use tight feedback loops

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