08 February 2016


Cindy Potvin talks with Dave Rael about deep immersion in the problem domain, being a product owner, speaking up, solving problems with software, and communication

Cindy is a web developer and product owner at GIRO inc in Montreal, Canada, building software for public transportation companies. As a product owner, she is responsible for making sure the products under her care keeps growing and providing value, and for guiding developers in achieving those goals with problem domain knowledge, technical advice and code reviews. She works primarily with the Microsoft stack (ASP.NET MVC) with a bit of Android and C++ mixed in, but enjoy keeping up with everything web-related. Cindy has a blog, http://blog.cindypotvin.com/, where she shares her thoughts about how software developers learn and grow. She can also be reached on Twitter at @CindyPtn. When not coding, you can find her gardening, cooking or weaving.

Cindy's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Think before doing and names matter
  2. Create the right documentation to communicate intent and the domain
  3. Stay curious

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