04 November 2019
The audio for this episode was produced by Productivity In Tech.
Nick Chase talks with Dave Rael about reading, writing, learning, machine learning, tackling huge tasks, and sharing knowledge

Nick Chase is a developer, author, and professional Explainer-of-Things. He is the author of Machine Learning for Mere Mortals, as well as other technical books and a few hundred tutorials. He is also Head of Technical Content for the cloud computing company Mirantis, and has participated in multiple open source projects, including Kubernetes and OpenStack. A former technical and pop culture journalist and publisher, he and his wife, who is also his partner, work out of a chicken, goat, and koi farm in the wilds of Ohio.

Nicholas's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Do not be afraid to admit you don't understand something
  2. Figure out what works for you
  3. At least once per year, do something that scares you

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