12 August 2019
The audio for this episode was produced by Productivity In Tech.
Amitai Schleier returns to Developer On Fire to talk with Dave Rael about inclusion, special abilities, coaching, perspectives, and safety

Amitai Schleier (@schmonz) is a software development coach, legacy code wrestler, non-award-winning musician, and award-winning bad poet. He publishes fixed-length micropodcasts at Agile in 3 Minutes, writes variable-length articles at schmonz.com, and contributes code and direction to notable open-source projects such as NetBSD, pkgsrc, and ikiwiki. Amitai’s ideas, prose, music, and puns have manifested at multiple conference including, the International Rachmaninoff Conference, and the Alfred Joyce Kilmer Memorial Bad Poetry Contest.

Amitai's book recommendation:
Amitai's top 3 tips for delivering more value:

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