11 June 2018
GeePaw Hill talks with Dave Rael about shipping more valuable software faster, hippy communities, enabling the best in people, and being a "whole geek"

About 20 years ago, Geepaw Hill became an avid early-adopter of a programming method called Extreme Programming (XP). He fell deeply under the influence of ne’er-do-wells like Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Bob Martin, and joined that early movement with great energy and fervor. He also became a software development coach. He works with software organizations all over the world, down on the floor and up in the penthouse, helping them find and implement solutions to the vexing difficulties of shipping software value for a living.

GeePaw's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Create a safe place to listen and a safe place for the minorities in our trade to speak - and just listen
  2. Notice what you're doing every day
  3. Stop buying brands, methods, and labels (regarding how to practice agile software development) - be skeptical of anyone trying to sell you something with a name that is supposed to be agile

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