08 April 2019
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Edaqa Mortoray talks with Dave Rael about software, writing, fiction, health, whole humans, being true to yourself, and finding common ground

Edaqa Mortoray grew up programming. Long before he learned how to code, he was already distilling reality, pulling out meaningful structure. Code came along and gave him a way to express his ideas. And of course, to control computers. From the beauty of interface design and graphic rendering to the rigid correctness of scientific and financial applications, Edaqa has weaved all sorts of technical wonders. From entertaining video games to sociable communications and practical development products, he's found a home in many market sectors. Beyond programming, Edaqa has an unusual palette of abilities. Most relevant is his writing. Perhaps most known for his programming blog, he also writes imaginative fiction and non-fiction alike. He's the author of "What is Programming?".

Edaqa's book recommendation:
Edaqa's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Know who your user is
  2. Take care of yourself
  3. Just try it

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