06 December 2018
Ben Scheirman talks with Dave Rael about open source software, speaking, writing, screencasting, and geeking out

Ben Scheirman is an experienced software developer from Houston, TX. He is the founder of NSScreencast, a site with over 350 screencasts on iOS and Mac development. Ben also runs Fickle Bits, LLC, where he builds apps for clients using Swift, Objective-C, and Ruby. When not programming, you can find Ben playing guitar, playing board games, or making award-winning Texas BBQ.

Ben's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Record video to share what you're working on and communicate about what is needed
  2. Include video and/or a picture in any pull request including visual elements
  3. Write tests and if it's hard to write test think about how you might improve design so that you can write tests

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