03 December 2018
Daniel Lemay talks with Dave Rael about his new career, learning to write software, helping and being helped, speaking at conferences and meetups, psychology, and empathy

Daniel is a front-end developer who is passionate about building performant and accessible web apps. He loves following the latest cutting edge technologies and has given several presentations on GraphQL and React. After 10 years as a Facilities Manager in the Educational sector, Daniel was dissatisfied and determined to change course. He learned to code around work and family commitments before being employed by Phase2 Technology. He is passionate about helping others break into the field and helps organize a meetup focused on that goal. When not writing code, Daniel enjoys the beautiful nature scenes of the Pacific Northwest and playing board games with his family.

Daniel's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Practice empathy
  2. Practice active listening and monotasking
  3. Always be learning

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