22 October 2018
Maxime Rouiller talks with Dave Rael about priorities, working for MIcrosoft, making great experiences, and that relationships matter

Maxime Rouiller has been in the tech industry since the 2000s. He's always been working with .NET for as far as he can remember. He's built his profile on being a master of all trades. He's setup VMs, SharePoint environments, built servers and what not. He's coded from desktop apps to server apps, but he's truly found my passion around the web, however. Since then, he's been consulting independently for 3 years before seeing an opportunity to join Microsoft. He co-manages a local user group in Montreal, and owns his own blog. If you want to talk bread and bicycling, he's your man.

Maxime's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Find the pain points where people are hurting
  2. Focus on your passion
  3. Relationship matters

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