10 September 2018
Tricia Broderick talks with Dave Rael about the technical and the human, leadership, lifestyle, mistakes, and understanding that you're probably wrong

Passionately focused on leading high-performance teams, Tricia Broderick has more than twenty years of experience. Her leadership, training and coaching at all levels of an organization, helped lay the groundwork to shift teams from one-year product cycles to feasible daily delivery of high-quality software and services. With this first-hand experience, she openly shares stories and examples to inspire people to reach new heights through continuous reflection and growth. Tricia is an exceptional leader, coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer, and popular speaker at national conferences.

Tricia's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Understand that you're probably wrong about what value is
  2. Be OK with it never possibly being done
  3. It's about people

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