12 July 2018
Jamon Holmgren talks with Dave Rael about the joys of software, early exposure to business, figuring things out, open source, and the importance of context

Jamon (pronounced JAY-mun) is one of the founders and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Red, a fully distributed app design and development agency based out of Portland, Oregon. He's been coding since he was twelve and professionally for over 14 years, working on projects across a broad range of industries. Jamon has spoken at conferences and meetups about technology topics and is also one of the hosts of "Building Infinite Red", a podcast with his cofounders that explains the philosophy and challenges of running a digital agency. Jamon lives in Vancouver, Washington, with his wife and four kids, and enjoys family, church, basketball, weightlifting, PC gaming, and contributing to open source software.

Jamon's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Realize that value is often very disconnected from effort
  2. Gather as much context as possible
  3. Establish a feedback loop

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