26 March 2018
Obie Fernandez talks with Dave Rael about attention, connecting varied interests, lifestyle, timing, and meaningful impact

Obie Fernandez resides in Mexico City and runs a boutique tech consultancy. He makes his living as an author and by helping clients to build kickass web software. Early in his career, he worked on some of the world’s first Java enterprise projects and founded Atlanta’s Extreme Programming User Group (later Agile Atlanta). At ThoughtWorks and his own agency Hashrocket, he led high-risk projects for massive companies like Daimler, John Deere and Sony Ericsson, delivering some of the world’s first successful enterprise Ruby on Rails systems. More recently, he has founded or consulted various successful technology startups, including Andela, which is well on its way to training 100,000 brilliant young Africans to become the world’s next generation of technology leaders. His previous books include The Lean Enterprise and Serverless. He’s currently working on a new Ruby on Rails book called Mastering the Rails Way.

Obie's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Don't just listen to what the client says they need, figure out what they truly need
  2. Always be honest and transparent
  3. Think about timing

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