12 March 2018


Scott Drake talks with Dave Rael about building, learning, education, and becoming a genius maker rather than an genius

Scott Drake is the Vice President of Technology for medical education company ScholarRx in his hometown of Louisville, KY. His career in software includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., at startups in Silicon Valley, and for seven years managed his own software development company. He is the author of "The Programmer Hiring Playbook: A Crash Course in Interviewing and Hiring for Your Real-World Needs," and he is also the founder and curator of LearnLeadership.org, a free, community-produced site designed to help developers create leadership development plans and discover high-yield learning resources.

Scott's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Diversify your interests
  2. Cut your own path
  3. Be picky

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