19 October 2017


Fred George talks with Dave Rael about writing software, programmer anarchy, cyclical change, and leadership

Fred George is a consultant with many decades experience in the industry including over twenty years doing object programming and over a dozen years doing Agile/XP. He's a hands-on software developer with executive responsibilities and experience, an early experimenter in micro-service architectures from 2005, and father of the post-Agile process termed Programmer Anarchy. He's an earlier implementer of new technology for his entire career, including computer networking in the 70's, LAN's and GUI in the 80's, and OO and Agile in the 90's. He's a very early adopter of Kanban processes and considered the "grandfather of microservices" and may have coined the term. He has used over 70 programming languages in his career (so far).

Fred's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Understand the problem you're solving
  2. Know your colleagues, their strengths and weaknesses, and complement them
  3. Be assertive about being successful and have a success mindset

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