16 October 2017


Thomas Henson talks with Dave Rael about broad interests, data science, data engineering, career progression, listening to users, and being a good teammate

Thomas Henson is a known Hadoop Guru who is known for helping teams solve complex problems with Big Data. Thomas is a Software Engineer at heart and Big Data Analytics Evanglist by trade; where he specializes in solving real world problems with Hadoop. He is proud Alumni of the University of North Alabama; where he received both his undergraduate and graduate degree. Thomas has been seen at many conferences events like Hadoop Summit, Future of Data Roadshow and Fed Forum. You can always check him out at thomashenson.com or on twitter at @henson_tm.

Thomas's book recommendation:
Thomas's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Take time to learn something new
  2. Bring energy and attitude
  3. Rely on data

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