13 July 2017


James Stone talks with Dave Rael about diverse backgrounds, school and education, compensation, and the differences and similarities between design and engineering

James Stone is a Design Systems Engineer and a top contributor to the Open Source ZURB Foundation CSS front-end framework. He is most well known for his videos on YouTube which have had over 294k views to date. He has written for UX Pin and ZURB University and is an Adjunct Professor at Penn State's School of Visual Art, where he teaches an online introduction to scripting course targeted at artists and designers. Interesting fact about the course: many CS, SE, and IST majors take it because they want to do something a bit more creative with their code.

James's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Have empathy for the people you're interacting with
  2. Really focus on business values
  3. Do great work, share your work, and continue to iterate and improve

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