10 July 2017


Steve Elliott talks with Dave Rael about gratitude, the rewards of leading an organization, loving technology, and hiring excellent people

Steve founded AgileCraft in 2013 to help leaders excel in their management duties through the use of agile to transform the way they do business. He is passionate about finding ways to help organizations scale all aspects of business operations. Steve has been a senior executive in multiple startups including Vovici acquired by Verint, Approva acquired by Infor and Virsa acquired by SAP AG. He has lead several successful agile transformations including a large scale 50+ team agile transformation with 12 release trains at a large public company. Steve began his career at PwC as a security and controls expert. He holds an advanced business degree from Texas Tech and is a graduate of the Executive Management Program at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Business.

Steve's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Practice gratitude and thank others personally
  2. Distinguish between importance and urgency and, each morning, pick out a few things that need to get done that day
  3. Wrap up the day by documenting what you have learned or forgot

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