19 June 2017


Ed Finkler talks with Dave Rael about running a nonprofit organization, mental illness, speaking openly, and making better environments for humans

Ed Finkler, also known as Funkatron, started making web sites before browsers had frames. He does front-end and server-side work in Python, PHP, and JavaScript. Ed is the founder and chairman of Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to raising awareness and supporting those with mental illness in the tech industry. He served as web lead and security researcher at The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) at Purdue University for 9 years. Along with Chris Hartjes, Ed is co-host of the Development Hell podcast. Ed writes at funkatron.com.

Ed's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Practice Empathy
  2. Be humble and understand you're probably wrong about most things - don't fear being wrong
  3. Constantly learn new things

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