24 April 2017
Erik Dietrich talks with Dave Rael about his imminent book launch, future plans, and the nature of organizations and the role of the software developer

Erik Dietrich is an experienced programmer, software architect, team leader, coach, and technologist that enjoys working with a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools. The majority of his recent experience has focused on the .NET framework, though over the years he has worked with C++, Java, and a number of other languages. Projects range from low-level driver and kernel module programming all the way up to user interface design, and the types of applications run the gamut from home automation to rigorous code analysis to line of business applications. His passion for working with technology extends beyond the workplace and into his work under the umbrella of his LLC. He does various types of traditional consulting projects, but also produces software-related content for public consumption. He createa developer training videos for Pluralsight aimed at intermediate to advanced programmers. Beyond that, he is also an author and active technical blogger.

Erik's book recommendation:
Erik's top 3 tips for delivering more value:

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