20 March 2017


John-Daniel Trask talks with Dave Rael about business, creating, providing value, and being lit up

John-Daniel Trask is the CEO and co-founder of Raygun.com, a software intelligence platform that monitors how your applications are really performing for users. Prior to Raygun, JD's entrepreneurial spirit was stoked by running a PC repair business while studying for a Bachelor of Information Science, which then led to working as a software developer at an IT services company. Driven by a frustration around poor software tooling, JD co-founded a company called Mindscape with Jeremy Boyd, before focusing on the Raygun product which gradually grew more attention. This varied background has given JD unique insights into understanding how to build healthy software. He is also known to enjoy a well aged whiskey!

John-Daniel's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Always try to provide more value than you are taking
  2. Take note of things that matter to people and demonstrate that you care
  3. Build relationships and have high quality relationships

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