13 March 2017


Wes Higbee talks with Dave Rael about mindsets, confidence, blind spots, and focusing the the things that matter

As a consultant, Wes helps people eradicate emotional blind spots with technology and produce rapid results. Along the journey Wes has had a passion for sharing knowledge. With 25 courses and counting, he has helped thousands of people improve. He authors courses for both Pluralsight and O’Reilly. He’s been a speaker at countless local meetups, community organizations, webinars and conferences. And he speaks professionally to help organizations improve. He authored the book Commitment To Value: How to make technical projects worthwhile. He writes extensively about business on his blog. And his written work includes articles featured on VeraSage, MSDN Magazine, and InfoQ.

Wes's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. There is no wrong way to do the right thing
  2. Helping doesn't mean pleasing
  3. Beliefs come before data to back them up

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