29 December 2016


Prosper Otemuyiwa talks with Dave Rael about inspiring and being inspired, positive outlook and great role models, and being lit up on software

Prosper is a full stack software engineer and writer who’s worked on biometric, health, financial and developer tools. He currently works with Auth0 as a Technical Writer. Prosper is a firm believer in open source and grooming the next generation of software engineers who will change the world. He is adept at technical writing and breaking down complex concepts to be easily understood at all levels. Since starting his blog, goodheads.io, in 2015, he has churned out over 150 articles on PHP, Laravel and Javascript which has been featured in several newsletters around the globe. Previously, Prosper worked at Andela where he helped build the PHP, Laravel and Core Dev curricula that are currently being used in Nigeria and Kenya. He also trained and mentored Andela fellows to become solid and exceptional problem solvers. He likes to call himself a developer evangelist, constantly and passionately inspiring developers across Africa to be world class! Prosper is also a Google Developer Expert

Prosper's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Take it one step at a time
  2. Every developer should have a niche - go deep on something
  3. Learn from other developers, including the brand new ones

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