07 November 2016


Linda Lawton talks with Dave Rael about engaging with great people, turning around bad situations, new beginnings, and helping developers

Linda Lawton is a business intelligence application developer at TARGIT A/S in northern Denmark. Her applications help TARGIT customers extract data from external data sources into their existing data warehouse solutions for use within the TARGIT business intelligence application. She has been a Google Developer Expert since 2014 and the runs her own website Daimto.com which specializes in tutorials for accessing Google APIs using .Net. Linda is a big fan of open source and enjoys helping others learn to code. She has been helping to support the Google .Net client library since (2012) beta both on Stackoverflow and GitHub.

Linda's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Stay of track
  2. Listen to your customers - actively seek feedback
  3. Define the project in the beginning

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