14 March 2016


Rachel Reese talks with Dave Rael about the ups and downs of career, parenthood, and community involvement and growth as a software professional and as a person

Rachel Reese is a long-time software engineer and math geek who can often be found talking to random strangers about the joys of functional programming and F#. She currently works for Jet.com in NYC. She has helped run the Nashville F# User group, @NashFSharp, and the Burlington, VT functional programming user group, @VTFun. She’s also an ASPInsider, an F# MVP, a Xamarin MVP, a community enthusiast, one of the founding @lambdaladies, and a Rachii. You can find her on twitter, @rachelreese, or on her blog: rachelree.se.

Rachel's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Make sure you schedule some downtime (to take care of yourself)
  2. Make sure you schedule some downtime (so inspiration can strike while your subconscious works)
  3. Make sure you schedule some downtime (so you can have the space to be remarkable)

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