22 February 2016


Christin Gorman talks with Dave Rael about robots, including girls and women, and creating software consistent with conscience

Christin got her first job as a programmer back in the fall of 2000 while still studying computing. 15+ years on and she has no intention of moving up the career ladder, but hopes her experiences can benefit others through her writing (http://kranglefant.tumblr.com) and public speaking. She spent her first 10 years working in the oil industry, among other things developing real-time seismic acquisition software. Since 2010, she's been working mainly on software used in the Norwegian public sector. First as a contractor, then as an in house developer. From April she will be joining a consulting firm called Kodemaker.

Christin's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Prioritization is not about sorting your list, it's about taking things away from the list - say no
  2. Get to know your user - use your software and sit with users doing their job and feel their pain
  3. There's going to be work - don't be afraid to redo things and to work really hard

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