19 February 2016


In a role reversal, Dave Rael sits in the guest seat and talks with guest host, Scott Nimrod, about improving quality of life, mutual benefit, podcasting, family, and rewards

Dave Rael is a dedicated father and husband and a seasoned software professional. He specializes in building distributed systems and understanding problem domains, especially via Domain-Driven Design and Behavior-Driven Development. Outside work, he's usually playing with kids, playing basketball, lifting weights, coaching youth sports, and enjoying dirty jokes. He blogs at optimizedprogrammer.com about writing software and getting the most out of life and is the host of the Developer on Fire podcast at developeronfire.com, where he extracts inspiring stories from successful software geeks.

Dave's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Upgrade youself
  2. Punch fear in the face
  3. Make sure you have some downtime

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