18 January 2017

Old and New

For several years now, I have blogged on a different domain than this one. My old blog was at optimizedprogrammer.com. That domain now no longer exists. Since starting Developer On Fire in the middle of 2015, I have had my content on two sites. Here on developeronfire.com for my podcast and optimizedprogrammer.com for my blog. I have decided that I am now blogging on developeronfire.com instead.

It’s not really true to say that my blog is dead. It lives on, just on a different domain. I have imported all the posts from Optimized Programmer to Developer On Fire. The old domain is what is dead. Rest in Peace, Optimized Programmer. It will now redirect to developeronfire.com. All old links should still work. If you find any links not working or anything not as you expect, please let me know. dave at raelyard dot com.

Podcast Path

To support this change and make things smoother for finding what you seek, I have moved the path for podcast episodes such that they now live in a podcast subpath on the site instead of having episodes appear at the root. Existing paths should still work and redirect to the right place.


You can find the lists of all blog posts or all podcasts here:


The existing feed will still contain only podcast episodes, so your subscription does not need to change. You can also subscribe to the blog with this feed. All options for subscribing to the text and audio content on this site can be found here.

More to Come

I have been quiet on my blog for some time. In that time, I have created a lot of audio content, but returning to sharing via the written word is something I desire as well. You can expect more blog posts in the future here on Developer On Fire.

Guest Posting

In the very near future, I will be looking for other authors interested in blogging on this site. Ultimately, this process will be managed and executed on GitHub in the repository that is this Jekyll site. For now, if you’re interested in writing for Developer On Fire, drop me a line: dave at raelyard dot com. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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