25 March 2019
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Spence Green talks with Dave Rael about programming, natural langagues, motivations, education, and making knowledge accessible

Spence Green is the co-founder and CEO at Lilt, the first human-in-the-loop machine translation platform that uses neural MT to augment the work of human translators. Spence graduated from Stanford with a PhD in computer science. His research area focused on the intersection of natural language processing and human-computer interaction. He has published papers on statistical machine translation, statistical language parsing, and mixed-initiative systems and given talks on translator productivity. Lilt drastically lowers the cost and timespan of effective translation services so more businesses can operate in more countries, and governments can better communicate with constituents. This opens new doors to the global knowledge economy, addresses modern pain points in democratic processes, and drives Lilt’s vision of making information accessible online to everyone, beyond a lingua franca.

Spence's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Learn how to write in a (different) language
  2. Embrace software maintenance
  3. There's a difference between software engineering and computer science

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