04 March 2019
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Josh Knell taslk with Dave Rael about relationships, learning, teaching, mentoring, and valuable learning experiences

Josh Knell has been building computers since he was 11 years old to feed his gaming habits. Now that he's grown up, he continues to build computers for his gaming habits. Josh took used his passion for computers from hardware to software while working on his undergraduate degree in digital media. Josh built a career around user experience and user interface development. As Josh's career progressed, entrepreneur opportunities turned into building his own full time digital agency. That business turned into other leadership opportunities at other companies and soon Josh was CTO of a 20+ million dollar revenue generating business. During all of this Josh was teaching web fundamentals at his local university as an Adjunct Professor. Josh is currently working as an Instructor and Curriculum Developer at Lambda School.

Josh's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Become a mentor as soon as possible
  2. When you identify problems, also present at least two options for solutions
  3. Stay curious

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