04 February 2019
Andy Collins talks with Dave Rael about serving others, working in education, formative experiences, vulnerability, and limitations

Andy Collins is a software developer and educator in Nashville, TN. Since earning a computer science degree in 2000, he has spent his career trying to be of service to others. From working as a public servant in government, to building software to support the continued education of healthcare professionals, to his current role as a senior instructor at Nashville Software School, he seeks out work that combines the technical with the human. As a developer his focus is on web development, primarily in the Microsoft stack. As an educator he draws on that development experience to teach C#, ASP.NET and SQL to students in a full-time web development bootcamp.

Andy's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Take code review seriously
  2. For an honest and open relationship with your management
  3. Regularly ask yourself if what you are doing is valuable, how valuable, and if something else is more valuable

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