30 July 2018
Guy Royse talks with Dave Rael about impact, conference speaking, curiosity, and going deep on understanding what lies beneath

Guy works for DataRobot in Columbus, Ohio as a Developer Evangelist. Combining his decades of experience in building software with a passion for sharing what he has learned, Guy goes out into developer communities and helps other build great software. Guy has programmed in numerous languages over the years—many of them semicolon delimited—including C++, C#, and Java. More recently he has worked with dynamic languages like JavaScript and on mobile applications with languages like Swift. Teaching and community have long been a focus for Guy. He is President of the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup and has been part of the session selection committee for CodeMash for the last five years. When given an opportunity, he teaches programming at a prison in central Ohio. In past lives, Guy has worked as a consultant in a broad range of industries including healthcare, retail, and utilities. He spent several years as a consultant and several more years working for a major insurance provider. This has given him a broad understanding of technology application and business problems. In his personal life, Guy is a hardboiled-geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history and linguistics. He lives in central Ohio with his wife and three sons. In his spare time, he helps lead his neighborhood Cub Scout Pack and likes to camp.

Guy's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Be a generalist
  2. Learn what lies beneath
  3. Know what you can and can't control and plan accordingly

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