02 April 2018
Alex Balazs talks with Dave Rael about his role at Intuit, diversity, listening, impact, and finding your voice

Alex Balazs is Chief Architect for Intuit. He leads business and technical architecture, drives product and engineering excellence, and stewards technology talent across Intuit. Intuit products serve over 45 million consumers, self-employed and small businesses in the US and around the world. Alex previously served as chief architect for Intuit's Consumer Group that delivers products like TurboTax and Mint. He also served as chief architect for Intuit’s 100+ million Identity Ecosystem. He is passionate about solving big unmet customer needs through technology and building the next generation of technologists and leaders. He is a leading expert on Intuit's Node.js initiatives and part of a consortium of leading tech companies that are adopting the technology. Alex sits on the executive advisory board for Tech Women at Intuit and serves on the advisory board for the Galisano College of Computing & Information Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Alex's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Deliver more by saying no - deliver a smaller set of things, but do them well
  2. Have a broad vision, but execute narrowly
  3. Seek diversity

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