05 February 2018


Sonia Gupta talks with Dave Rael about moving from law into software development, gaining self-awareness, and the powerful draw and potential for good of technologists

Sonia Gupta is currently a software developer at Ibotta, Inc. in Denver, CO. Prior to becoming a developer, Sonia was a lawyer in Louisiana. She served as a Public Defender in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, then as a Prosecutor, and finally as an Assistant Attorney General doing torts and Civil Rights litigation. Before initiating her career change, Sonia had no experience in programming and software development. She attended the Turing School of Software and Design where she learned best practices through a curriculum focused on Ruby and Rails development. Sonia is an outspoken advocate of diversity and inclusion in tech and in life. She is passionate about fostering empathetic and effective communication on engineering teams, and believes that even if tech can’t always change the world, technologists absolutely can.

Sonia's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Learn to communicate effectively, particularly by making use of precise language, psychological safety, and empathy
  2. Learn to craft a code narrative
  3. Take time to take care of yourself

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