04 December 2017


Amir Fassihi talks with Dave Rael about game development, learning, teams, mythology, psychology, love, and self-awareness

Amir Fassihi fell in love with videogames while living in Japan in the 80's and experiencing the great games of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (or as called in Japan, Famicon!). A dream of making great games such as the Dragon Quest series initiated from back then. Later, he tried some Apple 2 games and then PC games. He always tried to find material to study about making games however he could get them (and all this is before the internet era). He got interested in computer programming seriously during high school. Another important part of his life is basketball which he played seriously during high school and university and for some time after graduation. I was part of the National Youth Basketball team of Iran and also a member of the university national team. He has learned big lessons from basketball that apply to work, teamwork and management. His current passions are leadership and teamwork concepts, video game development and some psychology related topics. He tries to read all kinds of books, as much as he can. He's playing less basketball these days and running is the replacement. Amir is married and has a 9 year old son.

Amir's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Study love more
  2. Know yourself better

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