16 November 2017


Jason Huggins talks with Dave Rael about fortuitous circumstances, integrity, creating tools, and fulfilling desires

Jason Huggins is the founder of Tapster Robotics and is also the creator of popular open-source automated-testing tools Selenium and Appium (co-creator). Selenium is used to automate web browsers, while Appium automates mobile apps. These tools have become standard choices worldwide. In 2013, Jason Huggins was selected to join President Obama’s “tech surge” team tasked with fixing the troubled HealthCare.gov. At Tapster Robotics, Jason has combined this unique automated testing experience with his life-long enthusiasm for all-things-robotic. Prior to starting Tapster, Jason was founder and CTO at Sauce Labs and an automation engineer at Google.

Jason's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Look for ways to step up when other people take a step back
  2. Strive to always have at least one year of savings in your bank account
  3. Be on the lookout for your own implicit biases

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