14 September 2017


Joe Audette talks with Dave Rael about broad interests, success and failure, business and software, and working on something you love

Joe Audette is a Micorosft MVP and a prolific open source developer. He started out working with MS Access and VB6 back in 1996. He has been doing web development since the beginning with Classic ASP and then ASP.NET when it first came out. Over the years, he has done quite a bit of work in content management and ecommerce. He wrote the blog module for a thing called Rainbow Portal back in 2003 and founded the mojoPortal project in 2004. He actively developed mojoPortal and commercial add on features until late 2014. He began working on a new set of web components in late 2014 with MVC 5 and moved to ASP.NET Core in June of 2015. Now he has a number of related open source projects and components branded as "cloudscribe". The main projects are cloudscribe.Core which is a multi-tenant web application foundation for managing sites, users and roles, and cloudscribe.SimpleContent which is a blog and content engine that can be used with Open Live Writer and can work with or without a database. He is currently trying to bootstrap his own business again building commercial components that can integrate with ASP.NET Core apps. You can read his blog at www.joeaudette.com (powered by cloudscribe) and follow him on Twitter at @joeaudette and at @cloudscribeweb.

Joe's book recommendation:
Joe's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Love your work of find a way to work on something you do love
  2. Remember that you don't know everything and there is always more to leave - be humble and open to learning
  3. Be nice, kind, and calm

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