24 August 2017


Ody Mbegbu talks with Dave Rael about functional programming, experiencing software development in Nigeria, user experience, and delivering

Ody is a software developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He's been coding for 14 years with a Primary Focus on Web Development, .NET and Android. Ody is also an F# Enthusiast with a deep love for the language and the community. You can find him blogging about it on Medium at "Real-World-Fsharp" or his youtube channel called "Let's Code .NET". Ody is also a member of the Lambda Cartel, a group of functional programmer building real-world software.

Ody's book recommendation:
Ody's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Deploy often
  2. Test, especially integration tets
  3. Continuously improve and just ship projects

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