29 May 2017
Jerry Weinberg talks with Dave Rael about historical computing, humans as tools, transition, and understanding people

Gerald M. Weinberg (Jerry) has always been interested in helping smart people be happy and productive. To that end, he has published books on human behavior, including Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method, The Psychology of Computer Programming, Perfect Software and Other Fallacies, and the 4-volume General Systems Series. He has also written several books on teamwork and leadership including Becoming a Technical Leader, Agile Impressions, Do You Want to Be a (better) Manager, The Secrets of Consulting, More Secrets of Consulting, and the multi-volume Quality Software series. He incorporates his knowledge of science, engineering, and human behavior into all of writing and consulting work (with writers, hi-tech researchers, and software engineers). He writes novels about such people—all about how his brilliant protagonists produce quality work and learn to be happy.

Jerry's book recommendation:
Jerry's top 3 tips for delivering more value:

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