13 April 2017


Olve Maudal speaks with Dave Rael about empowering the best 80% of developers, trust in organizations and interactions, growing better software in large systems and large organizations, and focusing on quality

Olve Maudal works for Cisco Systems where he is involved in developing collaboration solutions and telepresence technology. He loves to write code, but he is just as interested in how software is developed as what it actually does. Main interests are embedded systems, C, C++, Python, TDD, secure coding, software architecture and machine learning. Olve lives just outside of Oslo with wife and two kids - he also enjoys chess, rubik's cube, outdoor activities and reading. He tweets as @olvemaudal once in a while, and sometimes he updates the website olvemaudal.com

Olve's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Allow yourself to trust others and make sure to behave in a way that you can be trusted
  2. Continue to get better at the things at which you are already good and rely on your teammates to compensate for your weaknesses
  3. Stay close to the money flow to know whether you are succeeding

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