27 February 2017


Zack Burt talks with Dave Rael about software consulting, becoming an author, testing markets, and serving needs

Zack Burt is a developer and an entrepreneur. He's been programming for 20 years and consulting for 10 years and he truly loves programming. Over the years, he has worked for large companies and startups in both individual contributor and leadership roles. He is passionate about open source, both in submitting pull requests and launching open source projects. His first book is called Code For Cash and teaches developers about breaking into the world of freelance consulting; it's available at https://www.breakingintoconsulting.com. He lives in Manhattan where he enjoys playing basketball and meeting new and diverse people; he encourages you to ping him if you'd like to meet.

Zack's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Get yourself as close as you can to serving the core human needs of others
  2. Give first
  3. Do something that doesn't scale and figure out a way to scale it

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