11 July 2016


Basarat Ali Syed talks with Dave Rael about motivations for diving deep on a language, the rewards of open source software, and exciting experiences

Basarat (@basarat) is a highly active member of the TypeScript community. Participant in a few OSS github organizations like DefinitelyTyped, TypeStrong, Typings. Creator Atom-TypeScript, grunt-ts and now alm.tools. Authored Apress Beginning NodeJS and self published a free book TypeScript Deep Dive. Top contributor for the TypeScript tag on StackOverflow.

Basarat's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Optimize for your own personal happiness (happy coder -> happy code)
  2. Always keep learning and be open to new ideas
  3. "You have to write the code" (Basarat attributed to Anders Hejlsberg)

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