26 February 2016


Viktor Schepik talks with Dave Rael about the joys and pains of building embedded software in the automotive industry, rewards of building platforms, and the importance of family

Viktor Schepik loves to build things, especially software, and he loves his family. He has built embedded, safety-critical software for steering systems in cars at a big german car supplier. After being the leading software architect shaping the platform architecture of those systems he decided to start an agile career with a much smaller company, named softwareinmotion. There he developed enterprise systems with Ruby on Rails and got excited about Agile Development and TDD. Teaching software developers is his passion and he was always looking for the ultimative programming language. On that journey he got caught by F# recently after tinkering with Clojure and many more. He hopes to change others life for the better.

Viktor's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Put yourself in someone else's shoes
  2. Progress by looking at what your customer got from your delivery
  3. Use leverage to get the most from your efforts

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