21 December 2015


Pavneet Singh Saund talks with Dave Rael about the importance of family, business focus, crafstmanship, burnout, and expanding boundaries

Pavneet is a web developer and team lead, currently working for Scandinavia's largest e-commerce player, Komplett Group. He has a passion for creating solutions that make users' lives easier. Pavneet has worked across the .NET stack and has found an ever-growing love for JavaScript in the front-end, but still has a tendency to cascade himself into trouble. Pavneet is involved in the local community as founder of Slack community Vestfold Developers and chapter lead for Norwegian .Net User Group Vestfold. He's also contributer to open-sourced projects Forseti (Javascript test runner) and Bifrost (Line of Business application framework based on CQRS and DDD, and healthy development practices). He fills his spare time family, friends and running.

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