23 November 2015
Scott Nimrod talks with Dave Rael about motivations in software, taking bold action and eschewing comfort, racial and cultural limitations and obligations, and the distinction between a craftsman and a prima donna

Scott Nimrod is fascinated with software craftsmanship. He has been practicing software development since 2003. He’s a thriving entrepreneur, software consultant, and he blogs. He focuses on native application development and Test Automation. He was born and raised on the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. His blog can be found at Bizmonger.Wordpress.com.

Scott's top 3 tips for delivering more Value:
  1. Find out you true capabilities when your back is against a wall - leverage your hunger - push out of your comfort zone
  2. Always absorb something - always learn
  3. Recognize that software is a means to an end - focus on the things that are really important

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