13 November 2015


Tim Ottinger talks with Dave Rael about the makings of great teams, living shamelessly and letting go of recreational anger, being non-threatening, social growth, and making better decisions

Tim Ottinger is committed to understanding and improving the art of software from the angle of “thinking for a living.” He is a programmer, author, trainer and globally recognized coach with over 35 years of real software development experience. His style is practical and hands-on, steeped in both Agile and classic traditions. Tim rapidly communicates concepts and practices, and is recognized for his compassionate and patient approach to working with individuals and has a sincere interest in helping people reach their goals. He is an insightful author with writing credits in Clean Code, Pragmatic Bookshelf magazine, the C++ Report, Software Quality Connection, and other publications over the years. He enjoys cooking, playing musical instruments, watching Science fiction or horror movies, entertaining, and of course reading.

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