02 November 2015


Woody Zuill talks with Dave Rael about big impacts from small changes, mob programming, #NoEstimates, Agility, and lessons from Extreme Programming

Woody Zuill has been programming computers for 30+ years, and works as an Agile Coach and Application Development Manager for Hunter Industries, a manufacturer of high quality and innovative irrigation products. His team is the originator of the Mob Programming approach to teamwork in software development. He's considered one of the founders of the "#NoEstimates" discussion on Twitter. Over the last 15+ years he has worked as an Agile Coach, Application Development Manager, Trainer, and Extreme Programmer. He believes that code must be simple, clean, and maintainable so that we can realize the Agile promise of Responding to Change, and that we must constantly "Inspect and Adapt". He has a passion for taking code that is hard to maintain and cleaning, refactoring, and bringing it back into a manageable state.


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