14 August 2015


Sally Lehman talks with Dave Rael about turning disappointment into opportunity, teaching and learning, and delivering for teammates

Sally Lehman is an email geek. She grew up in various small towns in Oregon and Washington, and is a recent transplant to Tempe, AZ. Her first computer experiences were with EMACs, MS-DOS, and Ski Free when she was <5 years old. She built out the Puppet and CI/CD server infrastructure for GoDaddy email marketing and Madmimi.com, and maintains uptime on a range of GoDaddy's existing email products. Sally's favorite movie is Office Space, and she makes a mean Tiramisu. She is a Bit Flipper and Three-Quarter-Stack Developer, as well as the Self-appointed Savior of bad SPF records.

Sally's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Take care of your health - physically and emotionally
  2. Listen to the people around you and exercise empathy
  3. Care about the result and get things done

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