23 July 2015


Paul Rayner talks with Dave Rael about imparting knowledge and wisdom, improving clients rather than just helping, and understanding the domain

Paul Rayner is a seasoned design coach and leadership mentor, helping teams ignite their design skills via DDD and BDD. He gets teams unstuck through intensive coaching workshops and hands-on pair programming, combined with focused one-on-one leadership mentoring. His companyVirtual Genius is a software solutions provider, specializing in custom Ruby applications. Paul actively serves the community: co-authoring the upcoming Addison Wesley book, BDD with Cucumber, teaching classes in BDD and DDD, contributing to OSS, and co-leading the DDD Denver Meetup group.


Paul's Blog
Paul's Business
Paul's upcoming book: The Design of Design

Paul's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Listen to your customers - understand the impact you are trying to make
  2. Iterating is important, deliver small increments of value
  3. Get good at working in teams

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