03 July 2015


Trevor Page talks with Dave Rael about learning and teaching to code, inspiration, and passion.

Trevor is a programmer who started down a very typical path in life. He went to school got good grades, was accepted into university, got a degree, landed an entry level position and started climbing the corporate ladder.
But as time passed, he felt like he was just a bit different from his peers at work and at home. From the outside in, he “had it all”, but always felt like something was missing. Until one day in June of 2012 when he discovered “the podcast”.
After jumping from random podcast to podcast he eventually settled on podcasts in the business category and found his new passion. Entrepreneurship. After absorbing all the information he could about sales, marketing and entrepreneurship in general, Trevor quit his day job as a senior software engineer and ventured out into the unexplored territories of running his own business.
Fast forward almost three years and Trevor is now enjoying the fruits of his labours as he works from home, sets his own hours and gets to learn new things almost every single day!

Trevor's business website and blog
Mentioned on the show: John Sonmez's course: How to Market Yourself As a Software Developer - remember to use discount code "optimized" for $100 off

Trevor's top 3 tips for delivering more value:
  1. Learn continually
  2. Learn to communicate

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